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Enjoy Silky Smooth Legs

Are you tired of trying to hide unwanted hair growth, razor stubble or embarrassing varicose or spider veins under a long dress or pants?
Do you avoid wearing the latest styles of sexy dresses, shorts or bathing suits because of the appearance of your legs?
If you answered yes to any of these questions you're not alone. In fact, you share the same frustrations that at least half of the adult female population goes through everyday when it comes to their legs. But don't give up hope, you can now enjoy silky smooth legs in a matter of weeks.

Introducing The Beautiful Legs Program™

My non-surgical leg beautification treatments may be used separately or together as part of a total leg & thigh rejuvenation plan! Yes, you can now greatly reduce spider veins, red spots, freckles, moles and say good bye to unwanted hair and enjoy silky, smooth legs without surgery.


service_mesotherapySclerotherapy is a tiny injection of a therapeutic solution into the affected spider or varicose vein which causes it to seal shut, collapse and slowly fade away leaving behind beautiful vein-free legs! Results are seen immediately!

IPL Vein Therapy

vericose_veinUtilizing an intense pulsed light with radiofrequency pulse in combination (Elos [trademark] technology) we can reduce spider veins, cherry angiomas (bright red spots), blotchy skin, sun spots, melasma and/or rosacea. Great for small spider veins on the face or legs, IPL also improves many other skin conditions, including sun damage. Because radiofrequency is also applied with each pulse there is simultaneous skin tightening with this procedure, giving a more youthful appearance and decreasing wrinkling.

When larger veins are treated multiple treatments and/or sclerotherapy are often used in combination with this light therapy. Good results with one procedure, but great results are usually achieved with 2 or 3 repeat procedures at 21-30 day intervals.

Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal for Men & Women

hairremovalIntense pulsed light systems release precisely controlled strong pulses of filtered light that are absorbed by melanin, the pigment in hair. This heats up the hair and destroys the cells responsible for hair growth, to achieve long term hair reduction.

Success Stories

"My weight loss journey began on Wednesday, June 16th. This is the day I made a decision to face my weight issues once and for all. I was blessed to be introduced to Dr. Jon Fisher of Fisher’s Medical Weight Loss Centers.
As of June 30th, I have lost 11.4 pounds! I’m eating better, I feel better and I’m sleeping better. I have tried many diets before but this one is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change program for me. It’s safe and effective.

Cece McGhee
Praise 103.9's Afternoon Angel

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